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After reading tons of articles about what is actually in our personal care products it turned the ‘Personal CARE’ bit into a bit of a joke. It’s like going to the doctors and thinking he’s a ‘Health Care’ professional when he’s really just a drug dealer merely managing your symptoms – it’s got nothing to do with real ‘Health’ (Not just my experience unfortunately).  And it transpires that some of the products you rub into your body certainly have nothing to do with ‘Care’.  They’re more to do with profits for the manufacturers using cheap synthetic ingredients with dodgy chemical profiles. These are my opinions, don’t attack me for them, there’s plenty of supporting evidence – see the links section if you’re interested.

I looked at natural products to buy and found that some of those were playing around with the definition of “Natural”. There’s a blurry line now about what’s truly natural and what isn’t.  We can only really try to create some kind of compromise to minimise the toxins or we can make our own products and know for sure what we’re using and absorbing into our skin. I like to know. I now make my own soap, deodorant, moisturisers, laundry liquid and household cleaners at a fraction of the price and I’m finding them better to use. The more satisfying part being that I’m no longer contributing to unconscionable companies profits.

If I have to be exposed to absorbable chemicals with ‘risks’ then I want to choose what they are and I want them to be natural and not a manmade mix that doesn’t belong in nature. I also want them to carry some benefit, preferably outweighing any risks. Of all the ingredients that I use in the soaps there are only essential oils and sodium lactate that could be said to have chemical profiles that are perhaps a little ‘undesirable’ in the allergen/sensitivity sense for a minority of people. But I know what they do and they’re natural so I accept that as a compromise for the good properties that they bring along. And I don’t really have any sensitivities so these pose no risk to me - not that getting a transient rash would bother me too much. Sodium lactate, as well as some essential oils, more in a ‘leave on’ product, is thought to cause photosensitivity (meaning you’re more likely to get sunburned faster - hence it carries a cancer warning risk, a low risk but a risk all the same) but I’m happy to use it in soaps as they’re a rinse off product and I only use a small percentage of the limit allowed.  And sodium lactate brings benefits:- a harder, longer lasting bar of soap and, being a fermented salt of beets and sugars, it’s a humescent so helps hold moisture in our skin. I’ve been reading some interesting things about those sensitisers in essential oils - Linalool for example is also a good antibacterial and is showing promise as an anti-cancer agent.  Citral is also known to be antifungal, antibacterial and is a really good insect repellant, as is Citronellol. More about essential oils on the info page.

I made my first batch of soap a couple of years ago and really enjoyed the kitchen chemistry. I got quite creative with the ingredients and made batches and batches of different soaps with carrots, avocados, lemon peel, spices, herbs and milks of all kinds, beer & wine  - I’ve pretty much made soap out of everything.  My friends and family are well stocked up on it and my cupboards are full of boxes of soap. Then my husband suggested I try selling it. I hadn’t even considered that really but it made sense because there would be a time were my hobby created a space issue in the house.

So it’s a hobby that I really enjoy and if somebody else can benefit from the soap that’s great. If you don’t want to read the articles about potentially harmful chemicals in skin care products that’s fine, it can be quite worrying when you start to realise that not all things are as good for you as you are led to believe. I understand that some people would really rather not get into it but I feel that what you don’t know can hurt you and there’s too much that we don’t know.  We just trust that our safety as consumers is being taken care of but if you follow the money you very soon realise that our safety is way down on the list of priorities, profits come first.

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French Green Clay, Charcoal & Poppy Seeds with essential oils of Peppermint & Star Anise