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Essential oils benefits & allergens

The benefits of essential oils and the allergens that may not agree with a minority of people.

Links to sites & articles on things we have a right to know

Don’t take my word for it, a lot of commercial skin care products are bad.  Read the reports as to why.

The basics of soap making

For those who are curious

Allergen article Making Soap


My skin is sensitive, will the soaps be okay for me? Unless you’re one of the few who are sensitive to essential oils then yes all the soaps will be fine for you. If you are sensitive to essential oils the unscented soaps will be great for your skin.

How do you keep the quality the same?  All soaps are made in small batches with the best quality sustainable ingredients. I personally make, cut, cure, pack, post and maintain records on all materials and batches made so I’m with it every step of the way.  

Do you test on animals?  Absolutely not. Even the dog shampoo bar is tested on us before I use it on my dogs.

How should I best keep natural soap? If the soap is kept dry between uses then it will last a lot longer. Store on a dish that will not hold water with plenty of air flow

Is your soap vegan friendly? Yes, there are no animal products in the soaps at all. The sodium lactate isn’t, as the name may suggest, a dairy product - it’s made from the fermentation of sugar

Is your palm oil responsibly sourced?  Yes my supplier only supplies responsibly sourced palm oil (RSPO), they’re a really nice family business who source their stock carefully.

Can I use all the soaps on my face? We do and they’re all fine, though we have our favourites.  My favourites are the Cocoa and Honey and Manuka Honey & Oatmilk bars, they’re especially creamy. All skin is different, you wont know until you try it.

Is there a use by date on the soap?  According to my safety assessment they last 30 months after opening - but in reality the soap can be kept for much longer than that, it gets better with age. What does disappear with age is the scent.  Essential oils gradually dissipate over time so scented soaps are best used within 6 months if you want to enjoy the scent.

Sometimes there’s white powdery stuff on the soap when I receive it, what is it?  Sometimes soda ash, or sodium carbonate, appears on the surface of the soap as it’s curing. I try to avoid it by not allowing air to get to the freshly made soap but it’s not always possible to avoid. This is just an aesthetic issue and totally harmless and will disappear within the first few uses.

Oooh could you make me a bar that smells of blueberry muffins or baby powder?   No, sorry, you’ve missed the point. Start your ‘natural’ journey here.

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Charcoal, French Red & Bentonite clay soap with Essential oils of May Chang, Lemongrass & Ginger  

Ingredients in commercial soap

This was my initial motivation for making natural products and I’m so glad i did.

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