Poppy Seeds for gentle exfoliation and French Green Clay for it’s wonderful mineral content.

Green clay is very efficient at drawing oils, bacteria and toxins from the skin and is particularly good for oily skin. A little Activated Charcoal for added benefit.

With essential oils of Star Anise and Peppermint

Anise is said to contain detoxifying properties. This oil provides relief from spots, acne and calms irritated damaged skin.

Peppermint oil has soothing properties to help irritated skin. It gives a strong healing effect with a wonderful fresh & stimulating scent.

INGREDIENTS (INCI): Sodium olivate,  Sodium cocoate, Sodium palmate, Glycerine, Aqua, Sodium castorate, French green clay, Sodium lactate, Poppy seeds, Activated charcoal, Illicium verum & Mentha piperita which naturally contains D-limonene                       Min. 100g

Ingredients in English: Saponified oils of Olive, Coconut, Palm fruit, Castor seed. Distilled water, French Green Clay, Activated Charcoal, Poppy Seeds, Sodium Lactate.  Essential Oils: Star Anise & Peppermint

French Green Clay & Poppy Seed

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