I will ship your order in a safe, secure and reliable manner and promise to sort out any problems you may have with your order as quickly as possible. If you’re not happy with the soap I wont be happy making it so your satisfaction is important to me.

You must understand that each bar of soap is unique, the patterns, if any, vary from each individual bar so what you receive will not be identical to the one in the picture on the site.  The beauty of genuinely handmade items is the uniqueness of each item. Another thing to bare in mind is that your water may be different to mine so the lathering may be better or maybe not so good as I’m finding it here. There is nothing I can do about this unfortunately but I hope you don’t run into that problem. Lots of things can affect natural products, the humidity in the air, temperature, water quality … but at the end of the day the ingredients are natural and the cleansing and moisturising will be the same. Scents may also vary slightly as they do from supplier to supplier, I shop around to find the best deals to keep my prices as low as possible while keeping the quality high so, perhaps, “Lavender” from one supplier may be slightly different to lavender from another. The scents aren’t always strong as essential oil scents dissipate with time. If you want long lasting scents you have to have fragrance oils and that goes against everything I stand for. It’s got to be natural or I won’t use it in the soap - even if it would sell better.  

Refunds and returns

If your goods do not reach you in perfect condition please don’t hesitate to call me on 07988 818510 or email  paula@naturalandpuresoap.com.  I may ask you to return the goods and where goods are found to have been defective or damaged before delivery, I will refund & reimburse your costs.

Customer privacy

Customers email addresses and delivery details will never be passed onto third parties.

Secure ordering

Orders go through Paypal, which is secure, I don’t want to be personally responsible for your data, that’s best left to the experts.  You can use your paypal account or a debit or credit card - all this is handled by paypal.


I don’t supply samples free of charge, except occasionally I’ll post some out with orders, but I will be putting together some sample boxes for sale at a reasonable cost.  

Terms & Conditions

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